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Horse Racing Guide

Horse racing is one of the oldest methods of gambling that still exists, and the sport has a grand tradition around the world.

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Getting on the Horse

Betting on horse racing has never been easier. Where originally you would have to look up the horse racing statistics in a physical newspaper, then haul yourself down to the bookies to put in your stake, you can now do it all on a single betting site.

After you find a good site that works for you (made easy with our sports betting site toplist), you can find upcoming races with their relevant stats and odds, and easily make a bet there and then. You don't even have to watch the race transpire, you can look at the details of how it went on the site. It's so streamlined that you needn't set foot in a bookies or racetrack again.

Discover Your Betting Options

As in every section of sports betting, there isn't just one way to bet. Much like horses, there are different types of betting to factor into different outcomes of a race – a few of the most important ones are listed here.

Win Bets

A “Win” bet is probably the most straightforward kind there is. This is when you may want to bet on a particular horse to come first place, and if it does, the payout is equal odds (1:1, or 2.00). This means that a winning bet yields double the original stake, so a winning $100 would pay out $200 altogether.

Place Bets

Like a “Win” bet, a Place Bet is the act of betting on a particular horse to at least finish in the top three or four. This widens potential chances of winning, and comes with 1:4 (5.00) odds, meaning you receive your stake plus a quarter of it on top. A winning $100 bet would yield a payout of $125 in total.

Faller Insurance

This is an extra stake on top of a “Win” or “Places” bet. With this placed on your chosen horse, you receive a return of your original stake if the horse falls, or the jockey comes unmounted.

Impacting Factors to Consider

Not all horse races are so straight forward of just a matter of horse vs. horse. Some come with impacting factors to change the course of the race and make certain aspects fair.


If a horse is unfairly faster than others, then it may be handicapped with additional weight. This is noted when betting on the horse, and shows how much it evens the odds by.

Race Grades

Race Grades come in individual sections and numbers, denoting what the difference is between the grade and a usual race. For instance, this could include hurdles or flat races.

Help on the Horses

Sometimes it might be hard knowing where to start as you gallop headlong onto the track of betting. You might want to take a few of these tips into account before you stake a bet on a horse.

Do Research

The best place to start is to know how horses have performed in the past – because of artificial odds placed by bookkeepers, they may not be indicative of the horse's actual performance.

Gaging Your Bet

An important part of betting is finding a middle ground between a bet that's enough to yield a good amount, but not one you can't afford to lose. Remember that gambling is supposed to be fun, not a guaranteed means of making money.

Middle Grounds

It's a risky manoeuvre to bet for a Win, and it's a matter of deciding whether you want to go for the slim chance of first place for a high-yield payout, or go for a Place bet to widen the chance. First-time better are probably better off with the latter – but if you ever feel the need to make it more exciting, go all the way with Win.

Finding your Starting Gate

Finding an online gambling website that offers odds on horse racing events is just the tip of the iceberg. There are many other aspects that you should take into consideration before signing up and placing real cash bets with an online sportsbook:

Competitive Odds - Odds are massively different between horses – and yet, massively different between betting sites. But like horse racing, the betting market is just as competitive – some sites will offer you a higher payout for what you were already going to bet, or even horse racing-specific bonuses for signing up.

Free Bets - You might not have bet on horse racing before, and you're unsure about committing real money to something as unpredictable as horses. Some sports betting sites will allow to a free bet to try out the horse track before fully committing.

Variety of Sports - You might want to keep your focus on horse racing, or you might want to go ahead and give other sports a try while you're at it. Either way, it's best to find a site that'll help you keep your options open and offers a wide range of sports to make a bet on.

Regularly Updated Stats - You don't want to waste your time on a site that lists long retired horses in their line-ups. Odds and payouts change over time, and you'll want the most recent stats possible to help you decide on your bet. Always ensure your betting site has the most up to date information.

Compatible Apps - It's especially frustrating when you want to bet on a horse race that's soon to start, only to find that the betting site's app isn't compatible with your device. Make sure you check in the betting app's requirements that it can comfortably fit into your phone or tablet.

Canadian Dollars Accepted - Although horse racing is a very worldwide sport, you may find that a betting site you're using doesn't accept Canadian dollars. Always check that you can deposit in your native currency before signing up to an online casino.

Outside of these main factors it's also important that you join an online gambling site that you feel best suits the way you want to wager. This is why the free bets aspect is so important, as it allows you to test out a website before you completely commit to it.

Canada's History of Horse Racing Events

Records show horse racing first appeared in Canada in the late 1700s, when races were held on Toronto Island. Through the 1800s, tracks opened gradually as interest spread, and that trend continued through the 20th century. There are currently over 30 racetracks in operation in Canada, spread across the provinces.

In 1956, the famous Woodbine Racetrack in Toronto opened, where the annual Canadian International Stakes is held. Canada's Triple Crown series takes in races called the Queen's Plate, Prince of Wales Stakes and the Breeders' Stakes.

Get Set, Go!

Betting on horse racing is a truly great day out if you go to the track. You get to experience the thrill of watching YOUR horse race to victory in person.

Horse race gambling online, however, is the next best thing. You get all the same excitement with the flexibility to place bets wherever you have an Internet connection. You can bet on races all over the world and the wealth of televised races means you can study the form guide hard before putting a wager on.


  • How do horse racing odds work?

    The odds in horse racing are an indication of how likely the bookmakers think a horse is to win a race.

    Short odds for a clear favourite might be 1/5, which means you get only win 1/5 of your stake in profit if the horse wins. Place a $10 bet and you win $2, plus your stake, for a return of $12. Long odds might mean 20-1, where a $10 bet would see you collect $200 in winnings plus your stake back.

  • How do you place a bet on a horse race?

    It's simple. All you need to do is navigate to an online sports book, like those recommended right here, and place your bet on a race.

    All of our suggested sites will offer support, so that if you're unsure of how their odds work or if you should accept a free bet they can help you out.

  • What kind of bets can I place on horse races?

    There are a variety of different bets you can place on horse races. The most popular however, is the Win bet. This is a simple bet placed on the horse that you think will win.

    If you want to dive deeper into the world of horse racing betting then we suggest looking into alternatives like Place bets and Faller Insurance.

  • Is horse racing gambling online safe?

    Yes! As long as you only gamble with online sportsbooks that are secure. This means looking for aspects such as evidence of regulation and licensing as well as 3rd party audits, something that all of our suggested websites boast.

  • Which online gambling site offers the best odds?

    This changes a lot, as the odds on races and horses are constantly changing. However, something we can guarantee is that all of our recommended online gambling websites offer the most up to date odds, meaning that you'll never be placing a wager on out of date figures.

  • Do horse racing systems work?

    If you find one that works please tell us! Seriously though, there are systems out there but nobody is yet to crack the code. It's a case of finding what works for you and going for it.

  • Can a horse race be cancelled due to weather?

    Yes, and this can be for a variety of reasons. It may be that the track is waterlogged or that it's too foggy to race regardless of the surface.

  • Can gambling on horse races be profitable?

    There are certainly people out there who make a nice living from betting on horse racing. To be profitable in the long term you'll need to study form like crazy and put a lot of time into your preparation.

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