Start Placing Your National Hockey League Bets in Canada

Gambling on the NHL

The National Hockey League (NHL) is the world's elite professional league for the sport of ice hockey and incorporates teams based in America and Canada. It was launched in 1917 and from 1926 has awarded the giant Stanley Cup trophy to its champion team.

NHL gambling is a big deal in countries all over the world. Thanks to the ever-advancing technology of sports betting online, real money gambling on NHL games is easier to access than ever before.

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The Draw of NHL Betting

Today, betting on NHL games is as easy as doing it all straight from your computer. No longer must you leave the comfort of your own home to find a betting agent – you have access to limitless information you need before putting your stake in. Need to know how a certain team or player has been performing throughout the hockey season? No need to scour through the newspaper; just open up a new tab and have the information on hand in a second.

When you use our toplist to find a betting site that works for you, all it takes to get started is to sign up and take full advantage of the deals and promotions. You could be betting on ten games at once and not even break a sweat – leave that to the players!

Which Bet to Choose?

As in all other sports listed here, there isn't just one way to bet on hockey. Betting is like hockey – you have to adapt your technique to your ability. Here are just a few different ways you can bet on games:

Money Line / Line Betting

Line betting is where the bookmaker decides on an artificial margin to handicap a team's odds of winning. This is usually done to make a game equal, or appear as such.

This margin is called a “line”, and is only used in the case of win-or-lose outcomes.

For example, if for some reason the bookmaker believes that Team Red is better than Team Blue by a 4 point difference, they can decide to handicap Team Red by 4 points to make them equal. In this circumstance, the line bet is for Team Red to win by more than 4 points over Team Blue, or for Team Blue to get within 4 points of Team Red. This makes both outcomes come to relatively equal odds.

Over / Under Bets

This kind of bet is very similar to “Total” bets in other games – but the Over/Under in hockey is a lot more general. To put it simply, you're betting on the total score between teams to be higher or lower than the proposed number. If the total score is higher than this number, then Over wins. If lower, then Under wins.

For example, the odds given for a particular NHL game could be -130 for over a total score of 27.5 (this is a decimal, so that the score doesn't fall exactly on a mark) and -115 for under 27.5, indicating the payouts for betting on either over or under for them.


A Puckline bet is similar to a normal type of points spread bet as found in other sports games and levels the odds between teams. However, a puckline bet is always plus or minus 1.5.

For example, the puckline given for Team Red could be -1.5 with odds of +150, while Team Blue's puckline is +1.5 with -170. These puckline numbers indicate the giving and receiving of points, while the odds are indicative of how much could be won on a winning $100 stake.

Coaching your NHL Bet

Don't Bet More Than You Can Afford

Even if you're certain that it's a shoe-in that the result you're betting on will come through, there's always the glaring spectre of misfortune. In which case, don't expect to win big money or betting all your savings on one game. It's about the thrill, not a destiny of richness.

No Action & Returns

A hockey game must go on for at least 55 minutes before bets can count – which means if a game, for whatever reason, has to be stopped before this point, all bets are off and there is a call of “no action”. This ensures that all bets are returned.


If you're going for an Over/Under bet, you should be aware that points scored in overtime count as part of the final score and contribute to the over/under line of your bet.

The History of Hockey in Canada

When the NHL launched in 1917, all four of the founding teams were based in Canada. Those teams were the Montreal Canadians, Toronto Hockey Club, Ottawa Senators and Montreal Wanderers.

Today's NHL consists of 30 franchises in total, with seven located in Canada and the other 23 all based in the U.S. The Canadians remain and stand as the NHL's most successful team, with 25 season titles and counting. The original Toronto franchise also survives, now known as the Toronto Maple Leaves.

Finding the Perfect Online Sportsbook

Figuring out if an online gambling website is any good shouldn't be a difficult task, which is why we've done it all for you. Each of our recommended sportsbook has been checked against a strict list of criteria to make sure it's delivering a brilliant online experience.

Competitive Odds - Not all odds are the same across the internet – some betting sites will offer you higher payout odds for your NHL bet than others. Ensure you compare the market before making your bet, and make sure you can get the most for your winnings.

Free Bets - If you're not too familiar with betting on the NHL, then a free bet would be a great chance to try it out. Some betting sites offer promos where you can bet on the NHL for free, so you can see if the sport is for you before you start committing real money.

Variety of Sports - On the other hand, you might find that you'll get a little bored of betting exclusively on the NHL. Find betting sites that keep your options open and let you try out other sports outside of your hockey comfort zone.

Regularly Updated Stats - Betting certainly isn't easy if you don't have access to the right information – make sure the site you're using is moderated regularly to be updated with the latest NHL teams and games to help you make your choice.

Compatible Apps - Unfortunately, not all apps suit every device – some are tailor made for specific phones and tablets. To make your mobile betting experience as hassle-free as possible, ensure that the app you're using is suitable for your device.

Canadian Dollars Accepted - Despite the NHL being so popular in Canada, there's still a chance that some sites won't accept Canadian dollars. Ensure that the site you're using accepts your currency so that you won't have to go through the trouble of exchanging it.

Besides these factors, it's also important to get a general feel for how the site works, which is something you can take full advantage of with features like free bets.

Take the Plunge & Get Betting!

If you're looking to get into sports gambling, NHL markets are a great place to start. With the NHL, you get a lot of games each season, which allows you to get to know the teams and helps educate your bets. You also get to watch one of the world's most exciting sports as you find out the result of your wagers!


  • Can Canadians bet on the NHL?

    Yes they can!

    NHL betting is available to residents of Canada, with the laws set by the individual provinces.

  • How does NHL Betting work?

    NHL betting predominantly involves predicting the outcome of NHL matches in some shape or form. This covers everything from predicting the score, to estimating the total number of goals in a game, to predicting who'll score first and plenty more markets besides.

  • What kinds of bets can I place on the NHL?

    All of the aforementioned bets are available, with the most common bets being against the line for a game - your bet is based on which team you think will win and by how much by. Some people really like over/under bets, where you wager on the total number of goals in a game.

  • What are betting lines?

    Betting lines are set by bookmakers to determine which team is the favourite, and which is the underdog. If the line for a Canadians game is -2 in their favour, you must decide whether you think the Canadians will win by more than two, or whether you think it will be a one-goal win or even a loss. If you think they're going to lose, you'll want to bet on the other team at +2.

  • How much can I win?

    The answer to that one depends on how big your odds are and how large your stake is.

    Huge wins are possible if you get a win against long odds, or if you stake a very large amount on a reasonably priced bet.

  • Can betting on the NHL be profitable?

    People wouldn't bet on NFL if they didn't fancy their chances of making a profit.

    To stay profitable over a concerted period, you'll need to study form and put a lot of time and effort into your picks.

  • Which website offers the best NHL odds?

    Your first step is to click on one of the NHL betting sites we recommend.

    From there, it's as simple as launching an account. Once your account is loaded, you're be set fair to put your bets on. Good luck!

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