Steer Clear of Blacklisted Casinos in 2024

Blacklisted Sites

You need to take real care when choosing the gambling site you play in. Blacklisted online gambling sites are those that have been flagged as being untrustworthy, and in some cases operating for the purpose of committing internet fraud.

When you play at unlawful gambling sites from Canada you're putting yourself at serious risk. Real cash is at stake, along with your personal banking information and the danger of identity theft, so you should only ever play at regulated sites with a license to operate. If you don't then you're making yourself and your Canadian dollars vulnerable.

What Is a Blacklist?

“Blacklisted” can mean a number of things as it applies to online real money gambling sites, but suffice to say they're all bad. Sites can be blacklisted by third party authorities for suspicious activity and even blocked in some cases. Blacklisted might also mean that a large swell of people have highlighted a site for untrustworthy conduct and you should avoid it for that reason.

When a gambling website is blacklisted by regulators, the government or even a consumer group, you should act with caution. Always work under the assumption that there may be an issue, and avoid that site in favour of a legitimate destination like the ones we link to.

Red Flags to Look For

One of the top reasons for a site to be blacklisted is a failure to pay out winnings. If you read forums online, you'll see countless complaints about sites that are slow to pay out, or have failed to pay out altogether. This is obviously very frustrating as it betrays customer trust.

Another reason for a site to be blacklisted would be operating unfair games. Should a site be found to have software running unfair games that site would be blacklisted immediately. The same would happen if the site were offering bonuses that were not being paid out, or failing to address technical problems that were costing their players time and money.

We want our players to be safe. That is why we take good care of updating and checking for blacklisted sites. We want to make your gambling experience the best one yet which means that our top priority is for you to feel safe.

Staying Vigilant Online

Gambling online at blacklisted sites should be avoided at all times. The best course of action is to avoid blacklisted sites altogether and ONLY play at fully regulated destinations with a reputation for reliable banking and fair gaming.

Sadly, you can't spot a bad site just by looking at it. Some blacklisted sites look great and have impressive graphics. They might also be offering very appealing bonuses. It's important you crosscheck license numbers and do your due diligence before jumping in.

The best advice we can give it to only play at sites that have been recommended by credible, unbiased sources such as We suggest that if you report any irregularities so that we can keep our blacklisted list of casinos updated for your safety and security.

At we only feature trusted sites that are fully licensed and regulated. A blacklisted site would never make our recommended list, so if you stick to our suggested destinations you'll be completely safe.


  • What is a blacklisted gambling site?

    A blacklisted gambling site is a website that has be deemed untrustworthy and should be avoided at all costs.

  • Why might a gambling site be blacklisted?

    A gambling site might be blacklisted because the site is offering unfair games, has poor banking systems in place, or is deliberately trying to defraud players. Other reasons exist too, but the main point to take on board is that these are sites you should steer clear of.

  • What should I do if I have an account with a blacklisted site?

    Close your account, withdraw your funds, and move your business to a legitimate site that our expert team has highlighted for play. There's no reason whatsoever to suffer anything less than high quality, trustworthy online gambling in this industry.

  • How can I spot blacklisted gambling websites?

    The one rule we go by is to only ever play at sites that are licensed. Gambling sites for players in Canada should display a license number on their homepage. This can be crosschecked for validity and you should also see evidence of the professional bodies affiliated with the site.

  • How can I stay safe when gambling online?

    You should make sure that the casino is successfully licensed. For example, eCOGRA is an independent body that vets gambling sites for fair play. Anytime you see their logo at a site, and you can validate it, you know you're dealing with a destination that takes its online security seriously.

    By following our list of blacklisted casinos, you can be rest assured that all the information you'll need is at

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