Online vs. Offline Gambling

Online Vs Offline Gambling

It's the great debate that all real money gamblers seem to have a strong viewpoint on: which is better, playing online or offline? Arguments can be made for both and we're going to give you the online side of the equation in the hope you can make up your own mind on the subject.

We've researched countless destinations on mobile and desktop, and we feel uniquely qualified to bring you an educated perspective on the benefits of online vs. offline gambling.

A Look at Online Play

We're going to break down some of the biggest advantages and disadvantages that online gambling has over brick and mortar destinations.


One of the biggest reasons for choosing online gambling over offline is the incredible convenience it offers. When you're online gambling it doesn't matter where you live, you can get playing wherever you are in Canada and there's no need to make a journey to a set destination to experience the action.

This is especially true when you're playing on mobile. Just think of the flexibility it affords you to be able to play anywhere you can get a good internet connection. It doesn't matter if you're waiting in a line, in a store somewhere or just out for a walk. If you get the urge to log in and play, you just fire up a mobile gambling app.


Going to land-based casinos can be seriously expensive, and that's before you've even bought some chips or credits to get gambling. You're going to need transport to the venue, and perhaps even overnight accommodation if you're planning on staying out late or drinking alcohol.

Land-based casinos will sometimes give away free drinks while you're playing, but you'll need food if you're staying around long enough and that's also going to set you back.

Then there's the actual cost of gambling at a real venue. You just won't find the small stakes table games you can find online and, with space limited, you could find the only option for a game like blackjack is set at something like C$25 a hand. At that price playing can get very expensive, very quickly.

Bonuses & Promotions

Online casinos are famous for the great promotional offers they put on. You'll get a welcome bonus when you sign up, and a rolling supply of great offers if you become a regular player. Online gambling sites can afford to dish out these offers because they don't have the costs that a land-based venue does.

They can also hand out great offers due to the sheer amount of players they can pull in. There's no limit to the number of players who can come through the door at an online gambling site, and thus the online gambling destinations have an incentive to continue running promotions.

Gambling Variety

It's an obvious point to make, that online gambling sites have space to run more games. They are not limited by space, or staff requirements, and can thus put on hundreds of game options at any one time. This means you get the benefit of greater choice at an online gambling site.

Having a wide choice of games to pick from makes the experience much more varied than if you were playing at a real life casino.

Payment Options

With online gambling, payment methods are more varied. You have a wider variety of options to choose from not simply debit cards or credits cards. e-wallet payment methods are quite popular with online gamblers. Bank transfers are also available when playing online.

Free Play

You do not necessarily have to play for real money when you're gambling online. Several casinos offer the option of free or demo games. This is especially useful if you're still a beginner and you need to practice your skills.

No Interaction

The first visible disadvantage is that there is simply no interaction when you are playing online. It's simply you and your desktop. The closest that you can come to interaction is when you play live dealer games.

Rogue Operators

We take great care in listing all the blacklisted sites that we know about. However, unfortunately, rogue operators exist in the online world. That is why you need to be careful and be on the lookout at all times.

Online play is normally a favourable experience. However, there are a few disadvantages that might make your gambling experience problematic. All in all, when following our guidelines and playing at our approved sites, we can guarantee a pleasurable experience.

A Look at Offline Play

It's only fair we give you a brief summary of the counterargument. We're here to outline the advantages and disadvantages of gambling offline at a traditional land based casino.

Great Experience

It's impossible to deny gambling offline gives you that authentic casino experience and the chance to socialise with friends. It's a great experience to interact with people and have a good time.

Free Beverages/Snacks

You're also opening yourself up to other entertainment options on site, such as restaurants and music venues. Several land-based casinos will offer free beverages and snacks for playing at their casino. You can play and enjoy good food and company at the same time.


The first disadvantage is that it might be inconvenient at times to travel to a land-based casino. You have to take in consideration travelling costs and, sometimes even, accommodation costs if you're playing to stay the night.

Limited Gambling Selection

When compared to the online market, offline casinos tend to offer a limited selection of games. Since you're playing at a physical space, there is less room for a variety of games.

Harder to Bluff

One other factor to consider with land based venues is that you get to look your fellow gamblers in the eye and observe body language. This can play a part when you're engaged in a tactical game such as poker. This means that it is harder to bluff at land-based casinos because everyone can see your physical moves and expressions.

Play Your Way

There's no denying the atmosphere you get in a land-based casino. Plenty of the team behind still frequent their favourite venues when they get the chance.

But when you consider all the points, taking things online has some major advantages over going offline. We'll leave you to make up your own mind, and would advise you to try both before making a final decision!

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